08.04.2006Samstag, 08.04.06 – The sand bar at the river mouth is too shallow for me – so at 09.00 hrs. my crew leaves on a proper river boat with a Turkish skipper. I am waiting here in the bay, and once again I will be jealous for not having seen the famous rock tombs, the ancient city of Kaunos, the fun in the Ottoman sulphur spring and the mud bath, the bazaar in Dalyan, the reed labyrinth of the river delta, the wildlife: eagles, great herons, river turtles, egrets; ”turtle beach” — all the great attractions of the area! Sometimes it is hard to be a yacht with a strong and deep keel… especially when all of my crew come back from such a trip, eyes still gleaming with all the impressions they had!
A singalong with Wolfgang’s guitar completes the wonderful day, Orion, the hunter in the skies with his two dogs is watching over the sleeping crew.

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