Dienstag, 11.04.06 – Nobody else is in ”our” bay, so nobody else is looking, so everybody jumps into the cool water in the clothes of his birth. And I thought Americans are so puritanical?!
Some manouvertraining counts for the largest part of the morning, then the skipper finds another lonesome bay for a lunchstop, and then it’s just another three last miles to Skopea Marina in picturesque Göcek! And that’s where this cruise ends – it was too short!!!
Fortunately the fun does not yet stop: Wolfgang organises a trip to the Hamam (Turkish bath) in another Marina. Frank, Luke and G.Michael have never done that before and they can’t believe it, when the cab driver begins washing their hair!!! (But that was only, because the owner of the hamam picked up my crew in his car! And nobody but Wolfgang knew that he would be the masseur/washer/scrubber too! Nobody knew anything about a hamam anyhow – and Wolfgang just smiled: ”wait and see!”) Big surprise, laying on a heated slab of marble – covered completely in bubbles…
So everybody smells nicely at the farewell-dinner in the marina-restaurant: many different starters, then one big fish to be shared, great seating next to the open fireplace – and then the last night-cup here on board!

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