Monday, 30.07.2018

Monday, 30.07.2018 There is a small beach that needs being explored right in front of my bow. Higgins (for new members of the Galateia community: my dinghy)  is thrown into the water and my crew rows ashore.

After a light lunch we set sail, and the same breeze as yesterday is now not behind, but against me. One reef in the mainsail, jib 2 and a dozen tacks to get to Preveza. And a couple of jibes, because at 14.50 h we are sourrounded by hunting dolphins and accompanied them for a while! What a good luck! Cécile obviously is a natural talent at the helm, but has to confess some cheating: she’s a windsurfer…

The town basin Marina has a berth for me, and after a nice shower everybody is ready for a nice Greek dinner in the old part of the small town. This dinner is so typical, that the owner of the restaurant even organizes a traditional blackout!

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