Saturday, 28.07.2018

Saturday, 28.07.2018 Dear Galateia-Fans!

You wonder why I write in English? Because already at 12.00h my new guests arrive. And they are Cécile, Kyle, Martin and Tim from Scotland! Actually, Cécile is from France and Tim is an Aussie and their sons (13 and 15 years old) have all sorts of citizenships – and together with my many countries visited and my globetrotting skipper I am the most international yacht ever! The family has never seen how a boat has been launched, that’s why Wolfgang invited them to join the moment when I am slowly lifted back to the water. Still in the travel lift basin I start sinking, because my skipper didn’t tighten the impeller of my sumlog correctly – but that’s quickly solved…

For this night we stay in the Marina, and as always the first afternoon is used for shopping, moving the luggage to the cabins, making plans for the journey and have a nice first dinner all together.

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