Monday, 06.08.2018

Monday, 06.08.2018 The longest day of this trip lays ahead of my bow: 60 miles without a possibility to stop until Reggio Di Calabria. No wind. Quite boring. Backgammon helps a lot. Southermost point of the mainland of Italy, Capo Spartiventi, passed 11.47 h. At least one knot of current helping us. Entering the Strait of Messina at Cabo Dell’Armi at 15.40 h. Nearly hitting an Austrian sailing boat (also bored and on autopilot…) same time. The rugged, beautiful coastline and hinterland keep the imagination busy, that helps. And finally a light, but stable breeze from the south, that just pulls me up the strait wonderfully. Remember that last year I had to fight against the regular stiff northerly wind, usually making this strait a real menace… my skipper is happy as we dock in Reggio at half past six.

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