Sunday, 05.08.2018

Sunday, 05.08.2018 With the sharp eyes of Martin guiding me out of the harbour I reach deep water safely. To other boats: Do not try to enter with more than 1.8 m draft – and do not enter in any weather conditions including any wind or waves!

Some dolphins bring us the needed luck and wind- and we sail smoothly to Rocella Ionice. The Backgammon battles in the cockpit become harder and harder, as the boys quickly learned the rules and start beating their parents…

We dock quite early at 13.30 h, the modern marina has all the facilities you might wish for. That includes a gas station for some Diesel and a laundry. And a famous Pizzeria- serving pizza by the yard and Warsteiner Pilsener (joke for insiders…). A great halfway full service stop after our first week together.

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